My Reflections

I have been sitting here reflecting over the past year.
So much has changed.
Last July, my world unexpectedly changed. My relationship of almost 9 years came to an end. I was scared, confused, numb, hurt and angry.

At times like those you learn who your friends are and who were never true friends. And at the same time, you are given new friends to help you get through it all. Thank you to those friends. You know who you are!

IMG_1213I had started attending a bible study occasionally before my world had changed. Those ladies listened and prayed for me. I did not know if I was going to stay or go back to the States. I had sold everything I had to take this adventure so I had nothing to go back too, and felt like such a failure (In my eyes).

My “second” Mom (really step-mom, however I do not see her that way), had offered for me to move to Georgia in a home that she has there but I couldn’t bring my dogs.  At the time, my puppies were and are my life. They love me no matter how my day has gone; if I am in a bad mood, and laid with me while I grieved for the life I had and contemplated my new reality. They are always happy to see me and such unconditional love! I just could not imagine leaving them.

There were such mix emotions. Should I go back home with my family and my daughters or staying on an island that I have come to love as well, which I know that my family does not understand why I love it here so.

Then looking at the job possibilities and knowing how the US looks down on the older generation in the work force or being in a place that welcomes the experience and talents of the older generation, as the island does.

I decided to just be quiet and listen. To stay in the word of God and see where He wants me to be. My Bible study group was so encouraging and helped me with my growth and I made some new wonderful friends.

I have had other friends that I have made, encourage me and challenge me in ways I could not have imagine and which I appreciate to no end as well.

I started enjoying my artistic side of me again; painting, cross stitch, doing yoga, doing sound again for my church (after 20 years) and other things I like to do. And just to be still and listened.

Today, sitting with my pups, I am so thankful for what I have been through for the past year and how it has allowed me to grow and start a new chapter. The good, bad and ugly. The growth that I have made spiritually; the growth I have made personally  and for the opportunities that I have been blessed with.

IMG_1215So what am I doing now?

It’s the island life for me so far!

I am helping some friends with their properties, helping a friend with his Bar & Grill and have started a new business called Beach Time Communications with my friend (and fellow blogger) Shelly.

And I can’t wait to go back to Georgia, Dallas & North Carolina; to visit my family (hopefully on a more regular basis soon) in a better frame of mind and a stronger person.

God IS good!
We cannot always see it when we are going through the darkness. He is always there guiding us, as long as we listen. And He will present amazing opportunities if we follow Him.

And who knows…you may become like me and have Sand Between Your Toes!


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