Miss Scottie C to You!

Since Scottie (MISS Scottie C to you, is what she is thinking) is 4 years old this month, I thought I would share with you all about this Sassy and at times, lovable cat. 

One May night in 2013, we had a local musician playing at our restaurant by the name of Scotty C. While he was on a break between sets, he heard a noise in our wood pile by the smoker. He reached in and pulled out the smallest kitten ever. She was so small she fit in the palm of my hand! 

photo (28)Scott brought her over too me among all of the oh’s and ah’s from our restaurant guests. Poor thing was hungry and scared. 

Wphoto (29)e only had a very small bowl (it was bigger than her!) that we put some milk in. She wasn’t to sure what to do with it. At first she put her whole face in it! After licking her face off, she quickly figured out how to drink it. 

The guest all said we need to keep her. She has a perfect patch work of colors on her back, so I thought “Patches” but our guests said “No. It needs to be called Scottie C.”

Scott walked over picked the kitten up and checked her then said, “The kitten is a girl.” And everyone at once said “So what!” 

Miss Scottie C with Scotty C on her 1 year Birthday

Meanwhile, Rob was just shaking his head saying he hates cats and it is NOT coming into the condo. 

The next day, first thing Rob does, is go down to check on the kitten. By the end of the day, he had brought her upstairs. I just smiled to myself and thought “so much for hating cats.”  

Rob and Scottie had become quite the pair. She always slept on him. Rob would walk around the Resort with her perched on his shoulder like a parrot. It was so adorable. 

Scottie loved the resort dogs (Boomba and Gimps) especially Gimps. She would follow him and try to snuggle with him. He tolerated her barely. But, if she sounded like she was in trouble outside, Boomba and Gimps would run to her rescue. 


She has been very entertaining and has used up a couple of her 9 lives that I know of. When we still lived at the resort, she fell , rather slid off of the roof of a unit.

Ended up with a bloody nose. And another time she was out on the balcony with us and sleeping on the ledge and fell right off! She was dazed and looked like “what just happened?!” Scared me too death!

She now just tolerates me and my dogs. She will snuggle with me then bite me and walk off or she will rub against the dogs, especially Sable, as they look at me not sure what to do and then she will swat at them. Just sassy as she can be. Now I think I should have named her that!

One lucky cat I think!

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