We Really Did it!

After four years of island life, I have finally decided to start my blog that so many friends have asked me to do.

I will start with a brief history of how I got to Roatan. Then from here on I will entertain you with pictures, my personal thoughts, my crazy pets and the work I do here from property management to business consulting.

So here we go!

I sold, donated or gave away most that I owned and moved to Roatan in January 2013 with my significant other at the time. We used to talk about retiring in the Caribbean. With life changes the opportunity came up and we had decided on Roatan.

We originally thought we would do something with boating, however, one day I Googled Businesses for Sale in Roatan and came across a restaurant with a condo on top of it at a quaint Resort in Sandy Bay. I contacted the Real Estate agent and the next thing I knew we were flying down to check it out. The restaurant is located right on the beach and is open aired. The condo was a quaint studio with an upper level that has an absolutely beautiful view of the caribbean sea. We looked at each other and said, “how can we not do this.” It was perfect with great view, a place to live and a business to sustain us.

After Thanksgiving, we made an offer and we negotiated back and forth and by Mid-December we had an accepted offer. What blew our minds was that we were to take over on February 1, 2013. That gave us barely a month a half to be prepared to move. We had thought it would be 6 months or so before we would have to take over!

There was a lot of mix emotions. You are exited, scared, worrying about your kids, anxious, tired and then excited again. Then the next thing you know you are sitting in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand and you are thinking, “Wow! We really did this!”

There is a lot of positive things about island life, and unfortunately, a lot of bad; which can pull a couple apart. So now, my dogs (Sable & Bandit), a sassy Calico cat named Miss Scottie C (another story down the road) and I are on our own adventure.

12 thoughts on “We Really Did it!

  1. Loved reading your blog, Lisa!
    I will enjoy keeping up with your adventures, or misadventures, on your blog. I don’t have to tell you to include plenty of pictures!
    Give the pups a hug & a scratch for Scottie C from me.
    Best of luck. We’re available stateside if you ever need to get away from your little piece of heaven!
    Love to all,


  2. I look forward to hearing more on your blog about life in Roatan. I will be visiting in 12 days and so curious what it would be like to live there so I hope you will share! I first saw Roatan on a cruise and since then have been wanting to come back.


    1. Glad to hear you are coming back.
      As a matter of fact, I am working on an article regarding island living that will be posted in the next few days.
      I love living in Roatan but island life is not for everyone. 🙂


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